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Microfilm Scanning Equipment

ScanPro Microfilm Scanners

ScanPro microfilm scanning equipment is the micrographic equipment of choice in the world’s most prestigious libraries and corporations and is highly recommended by those who use them. Reliability, performance and ease-of-use are the reasons for the ScanPro success. Compatible with all microfilm formats (aperture cards, 16/35mm microfilm and microfiche), there are several models to fit nearly any requirement or budget. So, step out of the old reader printer era and step into the age of microfilm scanning with a ScanPro!

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ScanPro i9300 ScanPro 2200 ScanPro 3000ScanPro i9300

The ScanPro i9300 microfilm scanner is the product you’ve been waiting for to bring your image-marked, or blipped, film into the digital age. We know that traditional blipped film scanners are ageing and you have limited options for repairing them. That’s where the i9300 comes in – this high-performance scanner can capture ALL of your blipped films, regardless of brand – single level, two level or three level.

Although all brands and models of digital microfilm scanners can read blipped film “images” — only the ScanPro i9300 can read the “image marks” (blips) for indexed searching.

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ScanPro 3000

The ScanPro 3000 is the fastest, most effective and best-image producing scanner on the market which allows you to quickly search and digitize your rolls of microfilm, microfiche or aperture cards. Utilizing proprietary and patented technology, the ScanPro 3000 boasts the industry’s only 26-megapixel camera1 for the clearest microfilm image available. This provides customers with exceptional image quality never before seen in the micrographics industry.

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ScanPro 2200 Plus

The ScanPro 2200 Plus is a top-of-the-line microfilm research tool with powerful capabilities. It has all the essential features used by researchers and archivists around the world to quickly and efficiently work with all microfilm types. Best of all, it comes at a price that is friendly to the budget-conscious consumer. The world’s leading universities and public libraries choose the e-ImageData ScanPro for its proven track record of performance, ease-of-use, reliability and value.

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ScanPro 2200

The ScanPro 2200 is the best value, lowest-cost microfilm scanner on the market today. It comes with all the features you need to work with your microfilm. With the ScanPro 2200, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for the price. The ScanPro 2200 has the same robust design as the ScanPro 2200 Plus and the ScanPro 3000, and is built for the rigors of public use, but has a considerably lower price. If you are looking for a microfilm scanner and don’t need the automatic, unique features found on the ScanPro 2200 Plus and ScanPro 3000, the ScanPro 2200 microfilm scanner is what you are looking for.

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ScanPro AUTO-Fiche Carrier

We’re moving microfiche into the digital age with our newest innovation, the AUTO-Fiche Carrier. Before the AUTO-Fiche Carrier, microfiche research required users to move the fiche carrier to find their desired image manually. This process has long been known to be cumbersome and quite frustrating. The AUTO-Fiche Carrier eliminates all the manual work making research smooth, efficient and hassle-free! With patented pending technology, the AUTO-Fiche Carrier eliminates the manual work of moving the fiche carrier to find your desired image. The AUTO-Fiche Carrier is operated entirely using on-screen controls to perform all operations, allowing users to move directly through their fiche, image-by-image anywhere on the fiche, with just a single click. Additionally, the AUTO-Fiche Carrier can automatically scan a range of images or the entire fiche, seamlessly and with unparalleled accuracy. And, at speeds up to 60 images per minute. The AUTO-Fiche Carrier, except for the ScanPro® 1000, is retrofittable to every ScanPro model, and can easily be added to a ScanPro microfilm scanner at any time.

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1The ScanPro 3000 high performance, pixel-shifting camera produces the clearest image in the microfilm industry. Pixel-shifting is a state-of-the-art technology being used by some of the best known and respected manufactures in the camera industry like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Zeiss, Pentax, Lumix and many others. Although e-ImageData is not the first manufacturer to use pixel-shifting, we are the first and the only manufacturer in the micrographics industry to use this advanced technology to capture higher megapixel images. Using pixel shifting, e-ImageData starts with its largest image sensor in the industry (10.5mm x 7.328mm, 3.5µm 2 pixel, 6.6 megapixel sensor) to capture and integrate 4 unique optical images into a single 26 megapixel camera image, the clearest image in the industry

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