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HR Automation Solutions with Full HRIS Integration

The Dilemma – HR Document Automation

Are you still using filing cabinets for critical HR documents?

Here’s one of the paradoxes of HR technology – on one hand, there’s the fast, efficient, well-invested HRIS software that contains all an organization’s vital HR data. It’s the paradigm of a secure, efficient, and auditable data management system.

On the other side, for many organizations, there is a steady stream of incoming documents in both paper and digital formats that are stored in filing cabinets or on network folders. These documents – also vital to HR professionals – are challenging to organize, secure and retrieve efficiently. Paper-based documents are even more vulnerable as there are no backup copies.

The Solution – Smart HR

A solution is available that can streamline and automate this concern. By accessing the data in your HRIS (or payroll) solution we can quickly capture and store paper and digital images. Simply identify the employee by name or number, select the document type and the system will automatically complete all the data fields.

Filing is filing fast and easy…we will connect to the data in your HRIS (or payroll software) to populate all the fields. By using and customizing the correct Smart HR MEDI Document Type List, attributes are assigned for each kind of document automatically, including record retention policy, security, section and record category.  The system even separates I-9 documents to store them in their own isolated section automatically.

Common Challenges We Hear From HR Professionals

With MEDI’s Smart HR Solution a simple upload of your personalized document type list (that we supply) will automatically separate I-9’s into their own section along with setting the security and record retention required.

The MEDI Smart HR Solution is browser-based and can be deployed as an On-Premises solution on your servers or in a hosting facility of your choice with perpetual licensing that you own.  For total internal IT independence, we also have a SaaS solution offered as a subscription on AWS (Amazon Web Services) outside of the access and needed support of your IT staff.

The MEDI Smart HR Solution leverages the correct up to date indexing information currently in your HRIS or Payroll solution.  A simple autofill drop-down-list allows you to select the employee name and choose a document type and then automatically files the document in a uniform format.  The solution will use HRIS or payroll data associated with the employee and import it into our solution. Any changes to the employee's status in the HRIS or payroll systems (for example - name change or position change) is automatically updated in the Smart HR Solution.

MEDI’s Smart HR Solution will automatically place employee documents in the proper section of the personnel file and sets the security specific to the document by utilizing the personalized document type list we supply you with customized to your needs.

The MEDI Smart HR Document Management Solution allows you to not only store paper documents that you scan with a scanner or multi-function device but also allows you to capture and import electronic documents.  You can also print directly into the solution or we can monitor an email address or folder to automatically sweep documents into the system.

Utilizing the customized document type list we supply each document type can have the correct records retention schedule applied to it and can automatically change whenever an employee employment status changes.

The MEDI Smart HR Solution has a myriad of ways to find your employee records weather you use folders, individual or multiple field searches or our QUICKSEARCH Google-like search by typing in a word or phrase contained in the index or the body of the document.   You will find your document or documents in 3-5 seconds and never have to refile it again.

You can access the MEDI Smart HR Document Solution through any browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.). You can also use the mobile app that allows you to search, approve and reject documents from your cell phone or tablet.

The MEDI Smart HR Document Solution allows you to set up individual and group security levels controlling who has access to specific documents and to what level. (No Access, Limited to Viewing only and cannot print or email). 

With the MEDI Smart HR Document Management Software Versioning and Publishing is standard and can be applied to any type of document. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) This allows you to have multiple people collaborate on a document and track any changes.  The document can exist in multiple versions of a draft form until a decision is made to publish it.

The MEDI Smart HR Document Management Solution will not only help you to quickly and painlessly compile the correct and exact information requested for an audit it will limit auditors from randomly accessing additional information they did not request.

With a variety of options for back up the MEDI Smart HR Document Management Solution will address your Disaster Preparedness needs along with helping to address any document compliance issues.


A Step Further

Clients are satisfied with the efficiencies that the automated document capture and indexing provides. However, we can take that a step further by integrating installing a document retrieval button in your HRIS application screens (PeopleSoft, WorkDay, ADP, Dynamic, SAP or any other HRIS software) that will initiate a document search based on the employee record currently being viewed in the HRIS software. 

Smart HR Solution Overview

  • Capture documents from virtually any input device, from any location
  • Flexible on-premises or cloud deployment options offer better ROI
  • Automatically names the document in a uniform format
  • Automatically set the security specific to the document
  • Automatically set the retention policy specific to the document
  • I-9 and supporting I-9 information automatically kept separate 
  • Automatically places employee document into proper section
  • Search for documents in a single location with fast, Google-like search
  • Access Smart HR ECM from within Microsoft Office programs for greater ease of use
  • Import documents from within their native program
  • Integrates/Leverage Employee Information in your HRIS/Payroll software solutions
  • Digital workflows can be as basic or detailed as needed
  • Ensures compliance with legislative acts like HIPAA and ADA, and regulations like the Affordable Care Act


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