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Why Settle for out of the Box Software When MEDI Provides Industry Specific Document Management Solutions?

When you work with MEDI, you not only get the expertise that comes with our decades of experience but you also get flexibility. At MEDI we don’t force our clients into pre-configured, off the shelf systems to manage their documents. Instead, we provide our clients with a wide range of industry specific document management solutions. Learn more about how some of our clients have used our SMART series of solutions to improve efficiency.

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Smart AP for Accounts Payable Processing in School Systems

CTA Accounts Payable Automation eBookA large Maryland public school system implemented MEDI Smart AP solution to automate their invoice processing system. The prior paper-based system suffered from a lack of insight into the approval process status and approval times. This was, of course, exacerbated by department heads located in remote offices and working from the road. Invoice approvals often took days as the documents had to be physically transported between offices across the county which slowed down their productivity and ultimately cost them time, money and productivity.

Many school systems are experiencing the same types of disorganization, difficulty, and frustration, but MEDI offers document management solutions that will revolutionize the way you conduct business. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your public-school system, freeing up valuable resources so you can focus your budget and energy on creating an enriching learning environment instead of worrying about their accounts payable processes.

What can Smart AP do for you?

With the MEDI Smart AP solution, Intelligent capture software automatically scans, interprets, and validates invoice information which eliminates 90% or more of the keystrokes that used to slow the process down. Invoices are then routed through a digital workflow that streamlines the approval and denial process. Smart AP is integrated with Lawson, allowing for data to be exchanged between the systems. Our software is also ready to be integrated with SAGE, Dynamics GP, SAP, and other financial services systems to eliminate manual and duplicated data entry requirements. With Smart AP, all of the data is working together to create a more effective and efficient environment for school systems to utilize.

Key Features of Smart AP

  • Real-time visibility into your accounts payable approval process
  • The ability to capture early payment discounts and avoid late payment fees
  • Rule-based approval workflows keep everything on track
  • Integration with your ERP system eliminates redundant data entry and indexing

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Smart GOV Document Management and Enterprise Content Management for Maryland’s Health Departments

CTA Document Scanning eBook

Like many government agencies, Maryland health departments have accumulated large amounts of paper records that have no backup. These documents are essential to the continued success of these agencies, and without them, serious problems can and will arise. Yet, these files often sit in document storage which offers decreased accessibility and no disaster recovery planning. This includes patient records, a variety of permits, and environmental records – all of which are permanent records that must be included in a disaster preparedness plan. In the event of a disaster, everyone must be ready to step up and move into action. Without an efficient document management system, action can be delayed, and loss can worsen. Additionally, these documents must be protected and secured to ensure the ongoing sanctity of the organization’s procedures.

What can Smart Gov do for you?

Numerous Maryland public health departments utilize MEDI Smart Gov solutions to capture, manage, distribute, and archive their critical documents. The security of these documents is our utmost priority and you can be assured these documents are well protected with passwords and/or encryption as required.  The Smart Gov document management and enterprise content management software is integrated with clinical EMR and other health department databases so that action plans can be deployed swiftly and accurately.

MEDI has scanned millions of health department documents from numerous counties – and placed the images in the Smart Gov Document Management Software for instant retrieval.

Key Features of Smart GOV

  • Real-time visibility into the health of your records
  • Secure, automated, back-ups for disaster recovery
  • Instant access from your desktop, laptop or smartphone
  • The user-friendly design ensures you find the specific document you need

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Smart HR Streamlines Human Resource Business Processes

Smart HR Document Management for School Boards
When faced with the increasing space limitations in a growing county, a public-school system with more than 5,000 employees turned to MEDI’s Smart HR solution to solve their mounting paper problem. File cabinets and documents filled rooms, spilled into hallways, and into the warehouse where the files were kept. The current document controls provided no disaster recovery and when a file was needed it was extremely difficult to find in a timely fashion. Moreover, when documents are stored in hallways download the ultimate guide to document managementand warehouses, the documents are vulnerable to prying eyes. Sure, cabinets can be locked to prevent unauthorized access, but what happens when a staff member forgets to lock it, leaving drawers of confidential information out in the open? To help move that mountain of paper MEDI converted truckloads of files, freeing space, adding security, and improving access in our Smart HR solution. Once scanned, these fully digitized records are only seconds away in the Smart HR document management system, now compliant with HIPPA, and with a complete audit trail. No one ever needs to worry if a cabinet was locked or a door left open, Smart HR handles all the security down to the smallest detail. So where does this project go from here? The next phase of will include a combination of workflow, eForms, and checklist functionality to take the application and onboarding processes completely paperless.

Smart HR Document Management for the Energy Sector
A large energy company recently acquired multiple companies and was faced with the challenge of managing the personnel records of hundreds of employees from each location.  A daunting task to say the least! Using the old system, it could take days or weeks for the HR staff to pull a copy of a page from an employee’s personnel file.  With MEDI’s Smart HR Solution, the HR staff can now retrieve documents in seconds and distribute them via e-mail, fax, or paper.  The personnel files were scanned, processed with OCR (optical character recognition) and stored on multiple servers for rapid access and redundancy.  Phase 2 includes transferring the files to the cloud for remote access.

Key Features of Smart HR

  • Turn the paper-intensive process hiring and onboarding completely paperless
  • Secure, automated, back-ups for disaster recovery
  • Integrate with your HRIS/HRMS to connect all your documents and data
  • Ensure I-9 and HIPPA Compliance

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Smart MFG

download the ultimate guide to document managementA global manufacturer of refrigeration equipment had a problem – how were they to support thousands of custom refrigeration hardware installations all over the world?  Each of their systems are custom built and can last for decades. When a system needs parts, getting technical information to the right people at the right time is critical, and their paper-based environment was not helpful. Requests would come in from the field, files had to be pulled, and information was relayed, sometimes taking days. Smart MFG Document Management Software, installed in the cloud, solved that problem – so support personnel can directly access the manufacturing as-built documents themselves, anytime and from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

To reduce the financial impact of scanning decades of manufacturing documents, MEDI crafted a program where over a five-year span, terabytes of images were created from paper and microfilmed records.

Key Features of Smart MFG

  • Instant access to the critical documents you need
  • Improve customer service by eliminating the hunt for information
  • Secure, automated, back-ups mean your documents are always safe
  • Access your files from any device connected to the internet

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Smart CU Revolutionary Document Management for Credit Unions

CTA Document Scanning eBookBoth the largest Maryland Credit Union and one of the smallest Credit Unions, use MEDI Smart CU. To combat lack of space, challenging access, and inadequate security the large CU employs Smart CU to capture, scan, and index millions of pages of loan application files. At the other end of the spectrum, the smaller CU had compiled years of customer scanned images stored in network folders, making it difficult to quickly store or access files. MEDI’s scalable Smart CU solution solved the problem by providing instant access to any image for both Credit Unions.  Smart CU can help you manage your mortgage loan files, Credit Card application files, signature card collections, and most any paper or digital file.  In fact, one CU customer uses it to manage their wire transfer and garnishment records!

Key Features of Smart MFG

  • Validate file integrity and immediately identify any missing documents
  • Improve customer service by eliminating the hunt for information
  • Secure, automated, back-ups mean your documents are always safe
  • Consolidate your paper and electronic files into one central repository

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MEDI offers a wide variety of services to meet your business’s needs. We can convert your paper documents into digital, automate your accounts payable, provide you with the document scanning equipment you need, and support you through every step of the process. When you’re ready to take your business from physical to digital, contact us. We’ll make sure that you have all the tools you need to make your business run smoothly.

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