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Data within a company is always on the move. It travels from employee to employee gathering approvals, edits, and other ever-changing data. When you use paper to transport this data, you can run into a variety of problems. Paper can get lost, errors can be made, and compliance can be lost. It is hard to change the data on the page without having to reprint it. Duplicating the data to share with others involves printing or photocopying and results in version control issues. When you digitize your data, and combine it with document management workflow you can improve the productivity of your business processes with the click of a button. After all, a piece of paper can only be in one place. Digital documents can be anywhere, instantly available to anyone who needs it from their desktop, laptop or mobile device regardless of whether they’re in the office or on the road.

Workflows are about improving productivity

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Many critical business processes are still being driven by paper documents. Having those documents reviewed costs you time and money considering that your sheet of paper has to travel from hand to hand, physically. This can take even longer if someone within the chain works at another office, is on the road or working remotely. When you automate your workflows, this problem resolves itself. With automated document management workflows, data can bounce from hand to hand instantly. It can be reviewed and approved within seconds, from anywhere that there is an internet connection. This allows your company to evolve into a much more flexible workplace, giving your employees the power to operate no matter where they are. This, in turn, will help them meet the needs of your clients faster and much more efficiently.

Keep all the plates spinning with workflows

Running a company is no easy task and keeping “All the plates spinning” is no small task. Rather than waiting for a document or initiative to fall through the cracks, you can rest easy when you use electronic document workflows. Workflows provide improved document security and support compliance efforts. The audit trails keep track of every interaction and every decision a user takes. Errors can be reduced, and work can be processed much faster (and access to the work can be expanded outside the physical office). From our dashboard, you can see what stage of the process each document is in, making it a great management tool that offers the ability to make workflow adjustments on the fly.

Key features of document workflows:

  • Real-time visibility into your business process
  • The time saved tracking down documents and statuses can be re-invested into your core business activities
  • Support a mobile workforce with the ability to share electronic documents anywhere in the world
  • Integration with your other business systems keeps everything up to date

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