Are you looking to leverage technology to create more efficient business processes and eliminate bottlenecks? We enable organizations of all sizes to find faster, more efficient ways of completing paper-driven repetitive and error-prone tasks.

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Document Management Solutions

A better way to manage your documents and information.

Document Management Solutions

Content is coming to you from dozens of sources and systems and it's coming at a faster rate than ever before. Document management is the hub that connects all those systems and all that content in a single, integrated, repository.

Electronic Forms (eForms)

Eliminate manual data entry with secure eForm solutions.

Electronic Forms (eForms)

It's time to stop manually entering data from paper forms! The secure electronic forms software from MEDI allows you to create professional eForms to collect data and feed business systems.

Robotic Process Automation

Use our robots so your team doesn’t have to be robots.

Robotic Process Automation

Companies across the United States work with our RPA bots to streamline millions of tasks every day - Streamlining productivity, accelerating the customer experience, and enhancing job satisfaction.

Document Scanning Services

From physical to digital, unlock the information trapped on paper records.

Robotic Process Automation

Whether you are looking to scan millions of legacy paper files or digital capture incoming documents to kickstart automated processes, MEDI is here to help - Fast, secure, and confidential.


Our digital transformation solutions work with the systems you already have in place. We can fully integrate with your line of business, ERP, CRM, HRIS and more.


trusted by the best

"Our partners from the Americas, Europe and Asia now have instant access to critical engineering documentation, and that’s improved customer service levels as well as aftermarket revenue. In addition, MEDI has been instrumental in converting millions of hard copy documents into digital images."

Henry B.
Baltimore Aircoil Company

"What started out as a simple index & archive Solution to store and retrieve documents has grown to a core function of our day to day business operations. The solution now spans across all departments of our business from AP automation to HR and job order processing."

Tad Hall
Reliable Contracting
IT Executive

"It’s amazing to see how flexible and efficient the system operates. With the condition and size of some of the documents, it’s simply remarkable how quickly and accurately they are captured."

Joe Coumo
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Real Estate Division

"Thank you for making the installation of the scanner happen so’s wonderful. Thank you for answering all my questions, sending me quotes, and setting up the installation. MEDI has been wonderful to work with!"

Margie F.
Fiscal Services Division
Frederick County Public Schools


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Managing the Human Capital of an Enterprise

Human Resources professionals often spend more time, effort and money performing administrative duties than they do attracting, hiring and maximizing the human capital of the organization.

In this executive brief, we outline the best practices used by world-class Human Resources departments to consistently contribute to their organization’s bottom line with efficient processes.

Secrets of World-Class AP Departments

Accounts payable departments are mired in paper, and that volume is growing. However, Best-in-Class AP departments process invoices faster at lowered costs, and are able to capture more early payment discounts that than lower performing counterparts. What do they do that makes them more efficient, making a positive impact on their organization’s bottom line?

The New Information Governance Paradigm

The term and notion of Information Governance is getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. Information is the lifeblood of businesses today and properly managing and governing its collection and use is a fundamental corporate imperative. As the volume and variety of enterprise information continues to grow, so does the need for well-thought strategies and approaches for information governance.

about medi

The Top Document Management & Business Process Automation Company

Since 1985 MEDI has been providing document management and process improvement technology to both government and commercial organizations throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. One of MEDI’s very first customers was the Library of Congress – for whom MEDI provided document imaging technical services.

The 1990’s witnessed office environments transitioning from physical to digital technology, and MEDI was an early proponent and solution provider in the document management arena.  Fast forward to today and we see that while MEDI continues a firm foundation with document management, it has complemented it with document scanning services, software with highly customizable workflows, electronic forms and robotic process automation.