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Blipped Film and Why it is important

Blipped Film and its Importance for Archivists and Researchers.

Perhaps this process sounds familiar – One of your staff retrieves a roll of blipped film from your archive to respond to an important, time-sensitive request. They take the film to an obsolete reader/printer that always seems to be on its last legs. This machine is still around because it can read the index blips on the film. After nursing the machine along, you’re able to get paper prints of the needed file.

Now the next steps may seem redundant since your staff takes the paper documents and scans them, to then be printed by someone else in another department who will ultimately fulfill the outside record request. Whew! That was a lot of work!

What can end up happening at the least is a very inefficient workflow. And the worse case is the machine you rely on stops working and leaves you scrambling to meet a legally binding deadline!

Just because your microfilm archives are blipped doesn’t mean you have been left out of the technology loop. While keeping the advantages of this film format, there are now tools to help streamline your records retrieval.

Blipped Film’s Future

Now picture a different process – One of your staff retrieves a roll of blipped film from your archive to respond to an important, time-sensitive request. They take the film to your new digital film scanner that can accurately read blips, convert needed images into digitally scanned images, files are now ready to be securely transmitted electronically! No paper! No ancient, unreliable equipment needed!


The mid-Atlantic’s trusted name in all forms of microfilm would like to introduce to you e-ImageData‘s newest member to their award-winning microfilm retrieval systems the ScanPro i9300

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