How an ECM solves business problems

How an ECM solves business problems.

An ECM or enterprise content management is a tool for organizations to better manage their records. Data mining and analytics are becoming more valuable to organizations that want to find a competitive advantage. According to the Aberdeen Research Group nearly half of organizations say that their business process relies heavy on paper documents still. (Handling Paper in a Digital Age White Paper)

With organizations not wanting to fall behind, more and more organizations are exploring ECM solutions to better help solve the following business problems:

  • Records Management: Establishing policies and standards for maintaining diverse types of records. Some, but not all, documents within an organization become records. [READ MORE]
  • Workflow Optimization: A way to reduce costs and provide better services for patrons. With inefficient workflows, things take longer and cost more to get done. In addition, rethinking workflows is a critical part of the process of incorporating new technologies. [READ MORE]
  • Better Department Collaboration: The inter-departmental innovation collaboration facilitates innovation performance. [READ MORE]
  • Web Content Management: Provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. [READ MORE]
  • Document Management: The day-to-day capture, storage, modification and sharing of physical and/or digital files within an organization. [READ MORE]


If you have questions about your organizations need for an ECM (enterprise content manger) please reach out to us here at MEDI, we’d be glad to help you and your organization make the right choice.

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