Human resources, typically when I hear that phrase my mind conjures up a boring, tedious, and unappreciated role and/or department.  This perception is changing with organizations looking more at what big data and analytics can do.  Adopting the right tools (document management software) and using analytics is giving business leaders and managers a clear picture of performance, team spirit, company culture, and areas that need optimization.

According to a Payscale 2015 Best Practices Report, 57% of business leaders reported that turnover is the biggest issue their organization is facing today.  And a survey found that 48% of CEO’s admit to losing money because of inefficient recruiting strategies. It is not surprising that the same survey found that 73% of CEO’s are involving human resource leaders into the business strategy.

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With big data and analytics being utilized more and more in finding ways to optimize and increase ROI, another area where human resources is getting upgraded is in the onboarding and new hire process.  Because anything that can shorten the on-boarding process will produce significant ROI.  According to an article by Tobey Fitch How HR Can Communicate Important-But-Boring Stuff to New hires human resource departments need to adopt new methods for communicating information based on 6 criteria:

  1. Engaging: Nobody wants to read a textbook
  2. Holistic: A way to have new hires see the “big picture”
  3. Cross Platform: Employees can easily find what they need from any device
  4. Collaborative: Enable contributors to work simultaneously
  5. Modular: Specific information for a specific audience
  6. Maintainable: Having information available but able to be modified easily

So what does this all mean?  If you haven’t upgraded your human resources department you are missing out. In an article by Dan Newman titled How Companies Can Apply Big Data to Engage Employees, he makes the case that data can be the lynchpin to find and keep the best talent and that adopters of a data-driven employee engagement find themselves ahead of the game.

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