HR Automation & Your Bottom Dollar

You may have heard people talking about HR automation lately but do you know how it can impact your organization?

What is HR Automation?

Human resources for many decades has been a burdensome, time consuming, completely paper based process for organizations of all sizes.  Everything from payroll, benefits administration, new hire, and employee termination processing was paper based and did not have flexibility.  This process was due for a change to a workflow process that is streamlined to a computer-based online   system.

HR Automation is centered around the idea of self-service.  This model enables business owners, managers, and employees to preform the HR-related needs on their own time in an on-demand setting by accessing a secure web-portal.  An example would be a manager submitting processing new hires or terminations or an employee signing up for benefits or checking their pay stubs.

How does HR Automation effect an organizations bottom dollar?

For small businesses the average business owner spends between 7 to 25 percent of their time handling HR paperwork according to the U.S. Small Business Association.  The elimination of these tasks they are able to put more resources into time better spent.  For organizations of all sizes the turn to HR automation is because it allows organizations to:

  • Process payroll and benefits quickly and efficiently
  • Do more with less resources
  • Maximize employee productivity to positively impact the bottom line
  • Manage employees more effectively
  • Enable employees to increase job satisfaction and build loyalty

Real Life examples

I found a great story written about the head of HR about a time when they were lucky their flight was delayed.


Organizations of all sizes are improving HR automation and the employee self-service model because it frees up themselves, their staff, and their resources to focus on what they do best, making their organization the best.