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Key Features for Enterprise Content Management Software

Top Key Features for Enterprise Content Management Software.


The Key Features for Enterprise Content Management Software can be a long list depending on your organization’s needs.  Different organizations do need a variety of key features to make the best use of their enterprise content management software, so we decided to make a list of all of the key features that we feel should be chosen for every organization’s enterprise content management software.

It is important to note that not all the key features we list may be available for your specific enterprise content management software.  However, these features we feel are important and universal, so they should make your short list.

The List of Top Key Features for Enterprise Content Management Software

Optional Features Description
Workflow Workflow extends the basic capture workflow by adding the power of conditional branch logic, rules and workflow.
Barcode Recognition Barcoding Recognition can fully automate the indexing process by reading barcodes containing key information such as customer name and account number that may be used as metadata.
Application Integrator Application Integrator allows you to build a seamless connection between the CMS and your line-of-business software.
Data Link Data Link provides database 2-way lookup and population capabilities to external data sources where applicable index information is stored and maintained by a 3rd party database.
IE Link IE Link provides the ability to create one-click integrated content retrieval and filling solutions with Internet Explorer browser based applications.
Smart Link Smart Link provides an easy way to integrate the CMS with Windows based or select browser applications without coding or programing.
Integration Suite The Integration Suite is a bundle of integration products that connects the CMS to your line-of-business applications.
Report Works Report Works is a robust CMS reporting module based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and includes a set of around 40 stock reports.
Secure Messaging With the Secure Messaging module organizations can achieve HIPPA compliance by providing a secure platform to share encrypted data and documents with external organizations and users.
GIS GIS is an optional software module to the CMS providing Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping services.

download the ultimate guide to document managementThe best part of most ECM software packages is the customization they allow for an organization.

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