Mastering Threat Monitoring: How T-Intelligence Keeps Your Network Safe

Threat Monitoring

Threat monitoring has become a game changer for organizations looking for a real-time approach to improve their cybersecurity efforts. Detecting cyber threats and data breaches in their early stages allows you to respond before serious disruption or damage is caused. T-Intelligence is an advanced cybersecurity tool helping to revolutionize threat monitoring. Here, we delve into this powerful cybersecurity tool and why it has become the go-to solution for IT departments looking to elevate their security infrastructure.

What is Threat Monitoring?

Despite the digitalized workplace offering sophisticated encryption methods to help maintain security on cloud-based and internal systems, cybercriminals are just as adept at evolving to find ways to challenge emerging security trends. As a result, cyber threat management requires ongoing proactive monitoring tools to help identify increasingly more sophisticated breach methods to cut cyber threats off in their tracks.

Cyber threat monitoring is critical to your cyber threat intelligence strategy, ensuring you can detect an increasingly broader range of threats. It also improves cyber intelligence, providing instant alerts at the early stages of breaches and reducing the time it takes for your team to respond to cyber-attacks. This approach to cyber threat prevention allows your IT team to actively block malicious traffic and enhance your security infrastructure.

What is a Cyber Attack?

Cyber-attacks are deliberate attempts to gain unauthorized access to a computer, computing system, or computer network. The purpose is to cause damage using a growing number of attack strategies to disable, disrupt, destroy, or control these systems. Once access is achieved, cyber attackers have free rein to alter, block, delete, manipulate, or steal your data. Cyber-attacks can happen anytime, so it is critical to constantly improve your cyber security. 

Your IT team needs to create a fortress for your digital infrastructure and protect your sensitive information, critical systems, programs, and document management networks using robust cyber risk intelligence. It is not enough to protect. Instead, organizations must proactively prevent cyber-attacks using cyber threat monitoring.

What are the Risks of Cyber Attacks?

Cyber threat risks include:

  • Taking down your website
  • Disabling payment systems
  • Crashing servers
  • Altering, deleting, inserting, or stealing private and confidential data
  • Breaching and damaging your critical document management system
  • Disrupting systems
  • Using ransomware to threaten your business holding private customer information data
  • Destroying your reputation

All these crimes cost money to restore and can ruin your reputation. Organizations need to face the reality of cyber threats, which cost the average business about $4.24 million to recover from. Also, should it be discovered the breach was related to non-compliance with cyber security regulations, you can face penalties that add to the financial impact on your business. Disruptions to your business can also lead to financial ruin without proper insurance to help support business continuity.

What is T-Intelligence?

T-Intelligence is a network security solution offering seamless integration with your existing security framework. It can be up and running in minutes, providing proactive threat detection to prevent an attack in less than 30 seconds.

Machine Learning and Digital Threat Monitoring

T-Intelligence uses machine learning to constantly learn new forms of attack to develop improved cyber threat intelligence against changing attack capabilities. Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) enabling software like T-Intelligence to use changes in data and algorithms and apply human thought processes to improve its functionality. 

When AI encounters a new cyber threat, it can adapt its blocking capabilities to avoid the threat moving forward. With the increasing abilities of cyber threats, machine learning is critical for effective threat monitoring tools. You benefit from threat intelligence monitoring to observe and understand new threats and respond with equal intelligence to counterattack.

Proactively Guard Against Cyber Threats

T-Intelligence empowers you to guard against cyber threats proactively. Suddenly, mastering threat monitoring is tangible and achievable for a safer network environment. As a result, you stop advanced attacks and other threats in real time before they cause damage. There is no need for human intervention to confirm potential threats as the system blocks threatening inbound activity and malicious lateral traffic intuitively in real time. The costs of a successful cyber-attack are so substantial that mid to small-size companies often can’t recover. Your business risks financial ruin without proactive protection against these real threats. T-Intelligence provides an active threat detection method, reverse-engineering attacks within 30 seconds while also “teaching” your security infrastructure how to protect itself against similar cyber-attacks.

Protecting Against Zero-Day Threats

Zero-day threats are unknown vulnerabilities in your system, which provide opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit them. Once discovered, zero-day attacks can occur on the first day, often called the “zeroth” day of a security vulnerability. This strategy decreases the probability that you can detect and respond to the attack soon enough to prevent damage. T-Intelligence threat monitoring is the best defense against zero-day threats, as its intelligence is updated every 30 minutes to outsmart new threats.

Ramping Up Cyber Security Framework with Digital Threat Monitoring

Your cyber security framework sets the guidelines to implement and manage your cyber security risks. Following the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines provides a robust framework and prefers continuous monitoring and real-time assessments over a framework focused on protecting your perimeters. Perimeter security protecting your critical system components is no longer sufficient when considering today's advanced cyber threats. Therefore, more organizations are embracing a proactive, real-time cyber security framework to protect and reverse attacks in real time.

Your company's IT infrastructure stores your digital assets and requires a multi-layer approach with continuous threat intelligence monitoring as its central and most reliable layer of defense. Today, real-time threat detection is the only way to prevent an attacker from entering your network, effectively stop them in their tracks, and prevent similar attacks in the future.

T-Intelligence is perhaps the most vital component of an effective cybersecurity program. It is designed to disrupt attacks in real-time and adapt to contain similar threats in the future. It is the most meaningful advancement in the evolving cybersecurity landscape, providing a tangible strategy for bolstering network security.

If you are ready to go head-to-head against cyber threats to protect your data, speak to the cyber security experts at Medi today.