Microfiche & Microfilm, Oh how easy it is! part 2

In the digital era we find ourselves in today, it may come as a surprise to learn that microfilm and microfiche continue to play a vital role as an important medium for preserving historical records, famous photographs, and valuable archives.  A lot of the most famous journalistic photos held by Getty Images, and Bill Gates’s Corbis Images are preserved on microfilm and microfiche so future generations can enjoy and appreciate them.

These unique formats have stood the test of time and continue to safeguard a wealth of knowledge and cultural heritage for future generations to appreciate and explore.

Moreover, advancements in technology have made accessing and utilizing these archives easier and more convenient than ever before. One example of such technology is the ScanPro by e-Image Data microfilm and microfiche retrieval system. In part 2 of our engaging video series, "Microfilm & Microfiche: Oh, How Easy It Is!", we delve deeper into the capabilities and user-friendly features of the ScanPro system. These informative videos demonstrate just how effortless it is to operate and enjoy the wealth of information stored on microfilm and microfiche.






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