Mobility Matters in the Enterprise

Today mobility matters in the enterprise more than ever.  Business is being done outside of the 4 walls that most of us inhabit from 8-5.  In fact over half (64%) of organizations surveyed in a 2015 in an IDC survey said they have implemented a solution to sync, share and manage content on mobile devices.  [SOURCE: IDC: State of Mobility Software]

The landscape has changed and organizations of all shapes and sizes, in very different verticals are finding ways to optimize business performance by adopting a mobile strategy.  This new found freedom is changing everything from day to day operations, customer interactions, talent acquisition, sales process, and much much more.  Enabling organizations to be more flexible and nimble to better navigate the one consistent in business, change.  These organizations that have adopted a mobile strategy, know that mobility matters in the enterprise and are gaining the advantage on their less flexible and nimble competitors.

I read a great article from Steve Zurier: 3 Paths to Mobile Device Management, who took a look at several different businesses that have added a mobile strategy to their business and gives 4 key tips on making Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) successful:

  1. Evaluate the platform strategy
  2. Know your companies device population
  3. Ask about cloud support
  4. Ensure on-premises makes sense.

Understanding the ways in which mobility will improve your business will be key to stay competitive, however, more importantly, in my opinion, is mobility gives freedom to everyone in your organization.