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Online forms and the future of document management

Online forms will revolutionize the document management industry. If they have not already.  What we are talking about are forms that we as customers and consumers fill out for a variety of purposes.  Some common examples are; when we start a new job and have to fill out all of the HR paper work, when you go to the doctors office, enroll your child in school, apply for a mortgage, and even when you fill out a customer service survey.  And think about the business side of things.  Say you are a school district and each year you can expect hundreds if not thousands of new students enrolling in the multiple schools in your district or county.  Think about how much paperwork, effort, and cost that is associated with all those forms especially considering school records must be kept forever.

Enter Online forms

Now lets take that same example and look at it if an online form was used in the place of the traditional paper form.  The parents of the students could be sent the form digitally eliminating printing costs.  When the form is completed it is sent digitally back and automatically entered into the document management, eliminating the time and cost of manual entry or scanning. Plus since that record was born digitally and will need to be stored indefinitely the storage cost is reduced dramatically.

Infinite Possibilities

This is just one example of many possible ways that online forms will change document management forever.  Anytime there is a paper form to be filled out either by internal staff or by a customer. Online forms can be applied.  Efficiency and cost savings are big reasons for an organization to look at this technology.  Customer experience and happiness are another.

Here at MEDI we strive to improve efficiency and profitability for our customers through the smart application of technology in document management.  eForm technology is another way we want to help your organization become more efficient and profitable.  Our content management solution will empower your organization to move away from paper-based processes and forms and free you from the burden of paper.  We would love to show you how.

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One Response to “ Online forms and the future of document management ”

  1. […] E-Forms: As stated earlier, the public sector processes usually start with a form. Once completed, data from it need to be entered into some sort of system so that the next step in a process can be taken. As more people have access to computers, tablets, and smartphones, e-forms present a popular alternative to paper forms. First off, they eliminate data-entry issues, as data from e-forms can be uploaded straight into a ERP system. E-forms are also easier to distribute than paper forms and come in many shapes and sizes. Having a good workflow in place to manage e-forms and captured data after they are submitted creates further efficiencies. […]

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