Preventive Maintenance – Good for your business’s health

Preventive Maintenance comes as an option with almost anything we purchase these days. It’s almost like the plastic or paper routine question. But knowing when to buy these plans or not can be difficult. No one wants to feel like they paid for something they didn’t need or worse pay more than it would cost to replace the item.

There are some folks that make it a hard & fast rule never to buy these “add-on” preventive maintenance services. Most of us though feel unsure, often making a decision on impulse or regretting later not having help when something goes wrong. Taking some time beforehand to weigh the pros & cons can go a long way to relieving stress later and getting the most for our money.

Certainly, the first thing to acknowledge is cost. Not everything we buy is expensive enough or critically important enough to make a service plan or warranty worth it. But that does highlight key factors in the decision process.

  • First, how much is the item vs. how much is the plan? It doesn’t make sense to pay more than the device would cost to replace for sure.
  • Second, how mission critical is the item? If it stops working, will life come to a standstill?

Preventive Maintenance or Not?

Considering what the non-calculated cost can be is helpful. Lost productivity, downtime, your attention away from more important tasks are definitely worth adding to the preventive maintenance decision equation.

We can also spend a lot of time researching brands and customer reviews, so we can feel confident that what we bought won’t break or stop working. If we spend the money on a quality product, we don’t need to budget for problems. The reality is, however, the situation we hoped wouldn’t happen can happen… a breakdown at the most inconvenient time. And being prepared in advance can eliminate a lot of stress while also being a wise buying decision.

In the end, to get the best return on your investment, budgeting for the protection of a service agreement can be the right choice and deliver peace of mind with no regrets. If you are in the mid-Atlantic area and think that you might need a preventive maintenance service for one of your critical business machines give us a call at 800.731.6334 or email us at

Deciding on preventive maintenance plans can be challenging. No one wants to waste money or pay more than the item's replacement cost.