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Do It All Smart AP Automation Software From MEDI

the benefits of Smart AP automation from medi

More With Less

Focus your AP staff or strategic priorities instead of manual tasks like 3-way matching and data entry.


Gain business insight with invoice and document reporting that managers can subscribe to and never pay a late fee again while taking advantage of early pay discounts


Capture and process invoices from any source, such as email, paper, fax, EDI, etc.


Push and pull data from your ERP system to index records, receive orders, update status and process payments.

"What started out as a simple index & archive Solution to store and retrieve documents has grown to a core function of our day to day business operations. The solution now spans across all departments of our business from AP automation to HR and job order processing."

Tad Hall
Reliable Contracting
IT Executive


The Accounts Payable department is an essential cog in your business wheel. Without it, financial documents wouldn’t get created, invoices wouldn’t get paid, supplies wouldn’t get purchased, and your organization would eventually cease to exist.

Despite all of this, AP teams are often overworked and understaffed, resulting in delayed payments, data entry errors, interest charges and missed discount opportunities. 

With AP automation you can do more with less. Let the software worry about extracting data, chasing approvals, and updating your ERP system.


Mountains of invoicing and purchase orders can be incredibly time-consuming for the Accounts Payable team. Manual and repetitive tasks are a thing of the past with AP Automation.

One of the most significant benefits of AP automation is the change to invoice management. The ability to review and approve invoices and other documents is quick and easy. Critical stakeholders that have access can monitor developments throughout the process in real-time, helping to streamline your existing Accounts Payable processes.


No matter your technical skills, AP Automation software is easy to learn and use and integrates with any ERP system. Its user-friendly features will make you wonder why you didn’t upgrade your Accounts Payable processes a long time ago.


Did you know that MEDI’s AP Automation reduces 95% of manual data entry? Imagine the time and cost savings associated with such a reduction. Hours and hours of administrative support instantly eliminated, leaving more time for employees to work on high-level tasks.
Plus, studies show that human error is inevitable and that even the best employees will make data entry errors from time to time. While not always detrimental in the short-term, these errors can stack up over time.


AP Automation makes documents more accessible with customizable approval workflows, search and retrieval, indexing, Intelligent Data Capture (IDC), and more.  After experiencing MEDI’s Accounts Payable Automation Software, you will never go back to your old processes.

With documentation of every step of the process, AP Automation can improve future business with an increased awareness of where you are spending time and money. Want to chat more? Contact our dedicated team of skilled professionals today!

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Our AP invoice processing solutions seamlessly integrate with the ERP and finance systems you already have in place. 


Document Management Software

A central repository for your information, interconnected to your existing business systems.

Document Management Software

The best document management and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions empower you and your team to grow by ensuring you have the right information the moment you need it.

Workflow Automation Software

Transform manual processes into digital workflows for improved visibility and speed.

Workflow Automation Software

The benefits of workflow automation surface immediately as documents and content are automatically routed to the right place at the right time. Workflow makes work flow.

Robotic Process Automation

Bots that empower your users to focus on their strategic objectives.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a collection of software robots (bots) that perform repetitive tasks normally performed by people, freeing up your staff for higher-value tasks.

Electronic Forms Software

Secure eForms that are easy to deploy and feed data directly to the systems and people who need it.

Electronic Forms Software

Are you tired of re-keying information from handwritten forms and documents? With the secure eForms solutions from MEDI you can easily create custom forms without any complex coding or IT development.

Intelligent Data Capture Technology

Eliminate manual data entry by automatically capturing, classifying and indexing your files.

Intelligent Data Capture Technology

IDC eliminates manual, error-prone and time-consuming document classification and data extraction. Easy to use and configure, MEDI's IDC integrates with your core business systems to simplify data capture and business process automation.

Document Scanning Services

From physical to digital – unleash the information trapped on paper records to make more informed decisions.

Document Scanning Services

Transitioning from a paper-based to a paperless organization typically requires the digitization of historic files and day-forward paper records. MEDI's secure scanning services will make short work of even the largest collection.

High-Speed Document Scanners

Digitize your paper at the source with our high-speed document scanners.

High-Speed Document Scanners

Whether you're looking for a reliable desktop scanner for scanning the occasion page or a production scanner capable of scanning 1000s of pages an hour, MEDI has you covered with an award-winning line-up of dependable document and microfilm scanners.

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