Are you looking to spend more time assisting the public and less time shuffling paper?

Do It All With Government Document Management Software From MEDI

the benefits of eliminating paper from your business processes

Cost Savings

Make the most of tight Government budgets by streamlining processes.


Always safe, always backed up, always compliant. 

Customer Service

Improve your agency’s customer care with better access to information.


Instantly share information with other agencies and staff.

"MEDI designed and implemented our system to capture and store essential real estate easements and other documents dating back 100 years. It’s amazing to see how flexible and efficient the system operates. With the condition and size of some of the documents, it’s simply remarkable how quickly and accurately they are captured."

Joe Coumo
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Real Estate Division


Government organizations are notoriously paper-based and lack sufficient backups. We know this because MEDI has scanned millions of documents for government agencies. Whether local, state or federal, records are usually kept in document file storage. In the event of a disaster, agencies would be hard-pressed to recover the mountain of document loss. Critical documents would take years to replace.

MEDI’s government document management system would alleviate these concerns. With options to capture, manage, distribute, and archive crucial documents in the event of a disaster or other emergency, it is an essential element of any government agency’s disaster preparedness plan.


Implementing a document management system means the information you need is always accessible; saving your staff hours of work.

It will also make those documents accessible from practically anywhere. Access from your laptop, desktop or smartphone all from a secure browser-based portal. No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can get instant access to critical documents in real-time.


With complete access comes the need for unparalleled safety and security. MEDI has you covered. Access to files and important documents is only possible for authorized users with passwords and encryption. These measures add an extra layer of security to sensitive government documents.


It can be hard to provide stellar service when you have to take into account numerous regulations and standards. It is this type of red-tape that has plagued government organizations for years.

MEDI’s government document management system allows government employees to be more efficient and in turn, will be able to process requests and address other customer concerns faster. With a click of a button, electronic records will be available to make decisions quickly and easily, including spatially-enabled documents.


Worried that a document management system may not integrate or will be one more system to learn? MEDI’s systems will seamlessly integrate with your existing applications, and it’s user-friendly. Once the system is set-up, you will see the benefits almost instantly.

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Our Government document management systems work with the systems you already have in place. We can fully integrate with your line of business, GIS, CRM, HRIS and more.


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