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Change How You Work With Smart HR Automation From MEDI

the benefits of automating your human resource processes with smart hr


Be more productive and save time on tedious & manual HR tasks.


Instantly share documents with the staff who need them.


Never worry about the security of your employee’s documents.


Spend less time on repetitive and mundane tasks and more on your core duties.

"What started out as a simple index & archive Solution to store and retrieve documents has grown to a core function of our day to day business operations. The solution now spans across all departments of our business from AP automation to HR and job order processing."

Tad Hall
Reliable Contracting
IT Executive


When Human Resources Information and Management Systems first came out, HR professionals were excited by the capabilities of the software. While there are many benefits of an HRIS software system, it often falls short and doesn’t deliver a complete document management solution.
Data still needs to be entered into fields. Documents still need to be captured, and often, other critical HR documents aren’t stored in an HRIS but rather an old -fashioned filing cabinet, making HR processes timely, documents less secure, as well as hard to store and organize. That’s where MEDI’s Smart HR automation comes in.

With Smart HR automation, attributes are created for each kind of document. You can auto-populate, auto-assign, auto-record data, and even separate I9 documents making document capture, scanning, and indexing easier than ever before. You can even monitor an email or folder and sweep documents into your HRIS system.


MEDI’s Smart HR Automation comes with a document retrieval button that appears within your HRIS or payroll system. If you currently use Peoplesoft, Workday, ADP, Dynamic, or SAP, you can simply click the MEDI document retrieval button to access the HR automation software instantly.
It also includes a “quick search” button that works similar to a web browser search field like Google or Bing. With one word or phrase, you can find employee records and documents within seconds. 


When you are out of the office, and you need a document, getting a hold of it can be frustrating and time-consuming. From desktop to mobile, MEDI’s Smart HR automation gives you the access you need with an active HR department. You can search, approve and reject documents all with your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere. Speeding up what are generally lengthy business processes.

Peace of Mind for Your Critical HR Documents

Not only does MEDI HR Automation save you time, but it also gives you the option to set the appropriate security levels on documents. Allowing an employee and other staff to see only the documents you want them to see; whether that is all or part of a file. 

From a disaster preparedness perspective, MEDI HR automation gives you peace of mind that your documents are backed up and secure and can be retrieved no matter what situations arise. Something a traditional filing cabinet does not offer.


One of the most time-consuming tasks in HR is when everyone needs to see and review a document. With MEDI HR Automation, you can collaborate on a draft document and then publish it once everyone has approved it.

Then there is the indexing feature, which automatically names document’s the same as the information currently in your HRIS system. There is no need to worry about something getting lost and not being able to find information when you need it.
If you need to keep documents for HIPAA, ADA, or the Affordable Care, MEDI has you covered. And that time you spend updating your files when employees change? That’s a thing of the past. Your records are automatically updated when an employee status changes.

Want to chat more about implementing HR automation in your organization? We have more than 40 years of experience in document and business process management. Contact our dedicated team of skilled professionals today!

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Our HR document management and automation solutions work with the systems you already have in place. We’re not here to replace your HRIS, we’re here to compliment it!


Document Management Software

A central repository for your information, interconnected to your existing business systems.

Document Management Software

The best document management and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions empower you and your team to grow by ensuring you have the right information the moment you need it.

Workflow Automation Software

Transform manual processes into digital workflows for improved visibility and speed.

Workflow Automation Software

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Robotic Process Automation

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Electronic Forms Software

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Electronic Forms Software

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Intelligent Data Capture Technology

Eliminate manual data entry by automatically capturing, classifying and indexing your files.

Intelligent Data Capture Technology

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Document Scanning Services

From physical to digital – unleash the information trapped on paper records to make more informed decisions.

Document Scanning Services

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High-Speed Document Scanners

Digitize your paper at the source with our high-speed document scanners.

High-Speed Document Scanners

Whether you're looking for a reliable desktop scanner for scanning the occasion page or a production scanner capable of scanning 1000s of pages an hour, MEDI has you covered with an award-winning line-up of dependable document and microfilm scanners.

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