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the benefits of using document management software


MEDI has your needs covered with onsite, cloud-based, or hybrid solutions.


Securely share documents & data with teams inside or outside your organization.


Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems & work smarter.


Go beyond “scan, store, retrieve” by automating critical business tasks.

"MEDI designed and implemented our system to capture and store essential real estate easements and other documents dating back 100 years. It’s amazing to see how flexible and efficient the system operates. With the condition and size of some of the documents, it’s simply remarkable how quickly and accurately they are captured."

Joe Coumo
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Real Estate Division


We applaud your decision to get your paper files digitized, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. To get the most out of your digitized files, you need a complete document management solution. With MEDI’s enterprise document management system, document scanning is just the beginning. The software allows you to find, keep track, and access all your documents with ease. Your employees will thank you for it. Your clients will love the streamlined service and you can spend more time on the things that matter most to the success of your organization.


MEDI’s Magic Button document enables any line of business (LOB) system you’re using. Looking at a customer record in SAP? Click the Magic Button and instantly retrieve a listing of all documents and information associated with that account? Reviewing an employee record in PeopleSoft? Click the Magic Button and instantly review all their training sign-off’s, performance reviews, and more.

The Magic Button seamlessly connects your LOB software with the MEDI document management software to present users with the supporting documentation they need without ever switching applications. Best of all, it doesn’t require any additional software licenses or expansion of your current systems, one system connects them all.


One of the most significant benefits of MEDI’s document management software is that you can access your files anywhere with your mobile device. Out with a client, and you forgot to bring a document? No problem. Out of the office but need to review expense reports? Approve them instantly with your mobile device. All you need to do is download the app to your mobile phone or tablet and you are good to go. At MEDI, we love that our document management software works with you and not against you.


If the type of industry you work in is big on compliance, document management software is your best friend. It’s robust audit trail functionality automatically logs all interactions within the systems from login requests, to modified or deleted records. You can rest easy knowing that if you were audited, you would have everything you need, right where you need it and save hours of time and money.


File-sharing can sometimes be a hassle with large documents clogging up your inbox. With MEDI’s document management software, you can share files and documents securely and efficiently. Making collaboration with teams more straightforward than ever.

Why choose MEDI document management software?

Not only are you getting an enterprise document management solution, but you are also getting scanning functionality within the software. Not at the office and need to scan a document? Simply access the software remotely and add the document to your records database.

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Our document management solutions work with the systems you already have in place. We can fully integrate with your line of business, ERP, CRM, HRIS and more.


specialized document management applications

Accounts Payable Automation

Streamlined automation from procurement to payment with improved visibility into every invoice.

Accounts Payable Automation

Most AP teams are overwhelmed with manually processing invoices in an inefficient and error-prone way. With the right tools, the entire AP process, from procurement through payment, can be streamlined to reduce overhead and improve visibility.

Human Resources Management

Focus less on paper and more on attracting, recruiting, onboarding, and training top tier talent.

Human Resources Management

HR creates a mountain of paper for every employee, and all that paper takes a lot of your time to fill out, file, and find later. The HR automation and management solutions from MEDI streamlines the collection and management of that data so you can access it through familiar systems like your HRIS.

Manufacturing & Document Control

Optimize your document control and streamline your data-driven processes to improve your competitive advantage.

Manufacturing & Document Control

With tools such as ECM, workflow, intelligent data capture, and integration MEDI focuses on streamlining document-driven processes and document control to increase your productivity.

Government Document Management

Improve compliance, empower knowledge workers, and improve customer service at all levels of Government.

Government Document Management

Like most organizations, Government agencies are typically drowning in paper. The document management solutions from MEDI allow you to eliminate the paper while gaining anytime access to documents, content and GIS information 24/7, on any device.

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