Your people aren’t robots, so let’s stop treating them like It.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks With RPA Software From MEDI 

Why Companies Are Rushing to Embrace robotic process automation


Reduce thousands of hours spent on mundane or repetitive manual tasks and regulate processes.

Customer Service

Improve customer relations as clients, and customers get responses in real-time based on their user experience.

Cost Savings

Save money on hiring and training by focusing your staff on knowledge work instead of data entry.


Our easy to use interface allows robots to be created easily with no programming skills required.

"Providing aftermarket support for BAC commercial building cooling systems the MEDI Document Automation Solution has been transformational."

Henry B.
Baltimore Aircoil Company


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software is revolutionizing business process automation. No longer do you need human intervention to work on repetitive manual tasks or spend time integrating systems. Automating your data with robotic process automation will change the way you do business forever.

Robots or “bots” interact with systems or users. You can configure RPA software to process a transaction, trigger responses, or communicate with other systems, savings thousands of hours on these tasks

Over time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning, such as speech recognition and language processing, for example, software robots can adapt and learn from the interactions they have with employees and customers, improving your business processes.


Once our RPA software is programmed and configured, bots can do the job of many employees at once without human error. You can employ one bot or hundreds depending on your organization’s needs. Bots save you money on the entire staffing process and the cost associated with employee mistakes.

The software only needs to be updated periodically based on your companies needs. Our user interface allows items to be dragged and dropped, with no programming skills required, making it easy to update and change the software.


MEDI’s workflow software is a wonderful way for organizations to review and approve documents and stay on task. Workflows can also streamline customer interaction.

Automating workflows is done with attended bots (bots that increase employee productivity) and unattended bots (bots that enhance the user experience).


MEDI’s Magic Button document enables any line of business (LOB) system you’re using. Looking at a customer record in SAP? Click the Magic Button and instantly retrieve a listing of all documents and information associated with that account? Reviewing an employee record in PeopleSoft? Click the Magic Button and instantly review all their training sign-off’s, performance reviews, and more.

The Magic Button seamlessly connects your LOB software with the MEDI document management repository to present users with the supporting documentation they need without ever switching applications. Best of all, it doesn’t require any additional software licenses or expansion of your current systems, one system connects them all.


In our digital world, clients and customers have come to expect immediate responses. With MEDI RPA software, they get the information they need when they need it. Improving their experience with your organization.

Our robotic software also keeps track of all interactions so that you are always aware of customer needs and employee actions. When it comes time to review your business, the data from clients and customers, as well as your employees, can improve future internal and external relations.


Embracing technologies like robotic automation can place your organization on the road to growth and innovation. RPA software can dramatically alter your business. Employees and customers alike will see the benefits that RPA can bring.

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Our automated workflow solutions work with the systems you already have in place. We can fully integrate with your line of business, ERP, CRM, HRIS and more.


specialized document management applications

Accounts Payable Automation

Streamlined automation from procurement to payment with improved visibility into every invoice.

Accounts Payable Automation

Most AP teams are overwhelmed with manually processing invoices in an inefficient and error-prone way. With the right tools, the entire AP process, from procurement through payment, can be streamlined to reduce overhead and improve visibility.

Human Resources Management

Focus less on paper and more on attracting, recruiting, onboarding, and training top tier talent.

Human Resources Management

HR creates a mountain of paper for every employee, and all that paper takes a lot of your time to fill out, file, and find later. The HR automation and management solutions from MEDI streamlines the collection and management of that data so you can access it through familiar systems like your HRIS.

Manufacturing & Document Control

Optimize your document control and streamline your data-driven processes to improve your competitive advantage.

Manufacturing & Document Control

With tools such as ECM, workflow, intelligent data capture, and integration MEDI focuses on streamlining document-driven processes and document control to increase your productivity.

Government Document Management

Improve compliance, empower knowledge workers, and improve customer service at all levels of Government.

Government Document Management

Like most organizations, Government agencies are typically drowning in paper. The document management solutions from MEDI allow you to eliminate the paper while gaining anytime access to documents, content and GIS information 24/7, on any device.