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Document Imaging and the Public Sectors need for going Paperless

Document imaging needs of the public sector has grown significantly over the years. Historically the public sector has always “had a form for that” and subsequently has needed to store that form. And with the costs rising and budget shrinking the need for document imaging to cost effectively store all those forms. Now the public sector has been slower than the commercial sector to adopt electronic information, however, they are moving towards going paperless. Here are a couple of reasons why:

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Online forms and the future of document management

Online forms will revolutionize the document management industry. If they have not already. What we are talking about are forms that we as customers and consumers fill out for a variety of purposes. Some common examples are; when we start a new job and have to fill out all of the HR paper work, when you go to the doctors office, enroll your child in school, apply for a mortgage, and even when you fill out a customer service survey.

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How can I lower my invoice processing errors?

Does this sound familiar, last month my business lost money because of invoicing processing errors. Let me start at the beginning. As part of a solution set for our customers we buy high-end printers and scanners from a distributor for resale. We add a modest 5% margin to the cost of the unit and when we are able to pay our invoice early our distributor gives us a 2% discount, giving us a little extra profitability on the deal.

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SharePoint Workflow | Content Management Systems: Build vs Buy

I want to tell you a story, and how it relates to SharePoint workflow and why it is important to think about buying a turnkey solution or building a totally customized solution yourself.

One afternoon Bill is standing on his driveway admiring the beautiful day and down the street he noticed that his neighbor Carol had this gorgeous, sleek and shimmering new sports car sitting in her driveway. Bill’s eyes lit up and he had to go ask Carol about it!

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Preventive Maintenance – Good for your business’s health

Preventive Maintenance comes as an option with almost anything we purchase these days. It’s almost like the plastic or paper routine question. But knowing when to buy these plans or
not can be difficult. No one wants to feel like they paid for something they didn’t need or worse pay more than it would cost to replace the item. There are some folks that make it a hard & fast rule never to buy these “add-on” preventive maintenance services. Most of us though feel unsure, often making a decision on impulse or regretting later not having help when something goes wrong. Taking some time beforehand to weigh the pros & cons can go a long way to relieving stress later and getting the most for our money

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Blipped Film and Why it is important

Perhaps this process sounds familiar – One of your staff retrieves a roll of blipped film from your archive to respond to an important, time sensitive request. They take the film to an obsolete reader/printer that always seems to be on its last legs. This machine is still around because it can read the index blips on the film. After nursing the machine along, your able to get paper prints of the needed file.

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Key Features for Enterprise Content Management Software

The Key Features for Enterprise Content Management Software can be a long list depending on your organizations needs. Different organizations do need a variety of key features to make the best use of their enterprise content management software, so we decided to make a list of all of the key features that we feel should be chosen for every organizations enterprise content management software.

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Document Scanners Repair Tips & Tricks

Document Scanners Easy Repair Tips & Tricks

Document Scanners can be the life blood of an organizations efforts to best managing their critical documents. As scanning documents into a document management system is critical to efficiency and flexibility for organizations. READ MORE about “What is a document management system”.

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