Revolutionizing HR: How HRIS Integration Transforms Document Management

HRIS integration

Your HR department manages a large volume of documents. You know this requires ongoing oversight to ensure your records remain accurate, your organization remains compliant, and everything is handled efficiently to save time. You also know that’s a tall order when you’re depending on time-consuming, manual paper systems.

HR automation offers the opportunity to optimize HR document management and free you from the endless monotony of outdated manual tasks. What if we told you human resources information (HRIS) integration isn’t as intimidating as it sounds? Better yet, it improves data accuracy, enhances compliance and security, increases efficiency and productivity, and saves costs.

Although it might seem like a major undertaking, HRIS integration is revolutionizing HR for small business owners. This essential integrated HR systems guide explains how the integration of HR Information (HRIS) and Document Management Systems (DMS) can transform your document management process through the power of automation.

What is an HRIS System?

HRIS systems harness the power of technology to improve people management and HR/enterprise-wide efficiency through a central employee data hub. The hub allows HR professionals to instantly store, manage, share, and edit information from workforce certifications to performance evaluations and job applications to salary information.

Why Automation is Transformative for HR Teams

Your daily struggle managing labor-intensive processes takes focus away from the human-oriented purpose of your department. Document management is riddled with the menial, repetitive tasks that waste time and interfere with your ability to remain efficient and compliant. Automation takes on manual tasks to streamline processes, improve accuracy and eliminate redundancies that lead to errors. 

Through automation, HR can share files and collaborate with department managers, ensure sensitive data is secure, and leverage the power of seamless integration between your HRIS and new DMS for a more efficient end-to-end human resource management solution.

What is HRIS Integration?

HRIS integration provides an agile document management system that easily captures, indexes, and applies security and retention policies to any document. It neatly integrates seamlessly with your existing HRIS system, providing a complete document solution that fills the gaps in your HRIS. You quickly capture data stored in filing cabinets and have a system that instantly auto-populates, auto-records data, and even separates I9 documents, making scanning and indexing paper documents less daunting.

Your organization doesn’t just gain instant access to HR documents within your HRIS or payroll system. Your team can also access documents using any device, from anywhere, perfectly aligned with remote and hybrid workforce models. As a result, HR professionals can search, approve, and reject documents from anywhere. You avoid bottlenecks and keep your business-critical processes, such as onboarding new team members, moving forward.

HRIS Integration and Compliance

HR system integration addresses compliance issues by safely storing applications, resumes, payroll, and insurance data. Integration then ensures that only authorized employees can access the data. You program your system with rules to monitor the date of hire and departure to automatically notify you when the retention period expires so you can safely delete documents securely.

Through self-audits, your team can:

  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Develop and reinforce recordkeeping policies and procedures
  • Improve the maintenance of a compliant program aligned with company and government HR policies and procedures

Integrated HR System’s Role in Security

HR automation keeps data secure with customizable security levels for each document. In fact, you can even select parts of the document to limit access to people who need it to complete their day-to-day tasks. Instead of sending electronic or hard copies of sensitive data, HR integration allows you to share secure links created by your HR document management software. Role-based authorization can be applied to links while also controlling the level of interaction based on the user.

Record sharing creates audit trails that show who reviewed what document and when. As a result, you can track edits and determine if a security breach was made and by whom. This improves both security and accountability.

How Integrated HRIS Systems Improve Onboarding & Employee Experience

Automated systems create a “checklist” of required onboarding documents, track where they are in the process, and provide instant visibility to authorized team members. Documents are also automatically routed to employees who need to act on them, improving your onboarding system. This creates a more positive impression for new hires, demonstrating your commitment to creating a welcoming work environment that protects employee privacy and empowers individuals with self-serve tools.

However, you also improve HR employee experiences by creating streamlined processes that allow them to focus on their expertise. This increases job satisfaction, keeping you more competitive in a landscape where finding and maintaining top talent becomes more challenging every day.

Improving Efficiency with Integrated HRIS Systems

The best HR document management software alleviates the time-consuming paper processes that detract from HR professional’s business-critical functions. Many small businesses don’t realize that the average business owner spends between 7 to 25 percent of their time handling HR paperwork. By automating these tasks, you and your resources focus on higher-value tasks while helping to cut the labour costs of manual administrative work.

Access to cloud-based technology also provides instant access to information, fostering collaboration that streamlines processes and creates efficiency in the sharing and approval of employee data. Document retrieval times are also reduced with quick search capabilities that locate vital documents in seconds. Compliance is also easier with automated notifications that keep employees on top of document retention and destruction timelines.

How HRIS Integration Creates a Scalable, Competitive Employer

HR professionals can access key insights to improve scalability with an HRIS primed to manage workforce growth and data volume without costly paper document storage. Valuable insights through ongoing data oversight allow you to make decisions that help attract top talent, such as:

  • Employee compensation
  • Learning programs for career growth
  • Relevant benefits for today’s changing workforce
  • Retention strategies based on emerging workplace trends

You can optimize HR operations and secure a competitive edge in today's swiftly evolving business environment, where adherence to regulations and the efficient handling of HR documents can make or break an organization.

There is no doubt that HRIS-DMS integration can feel like a massive undertaking that takes up time and complicates processes. However, it’s a game-changer, ushering in a new era of operational excellence and ensuring enduring compliance and competitiveness. Through HRIS integration, your business can streamline document management, enhance compliance, create a more agile HR team, and improve recruitment and retention strategies using valuable data analysis. All this while remaining scalable, productive, and cost-efficient.

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